Project Development

Bringing together demand and solutions is the core business of Twinnovate. Identifying, developing and the construction of projects, mainly in the market of sustainable applications, is where we excel.


We are always on the lookout for new initiatives and technologies to build long-term partnerships.


Twinnovate offers a wide range of consultancy services. With a large international network of consultants, we always link the right knowhow to the enquiry under the trusted supervision of Twinnovate.

We are specialized in making business plans, market surveys, country entries, energy saving reports and conducting due diligence on technologies


Different crops, like wood, grass, bamboo and bio-oil are sourced all around the World. This makes feedstock supply a risk which should be taken in consideration looking at your business concept.

We at Twinnovate can lower the risk impact to a level industries can accept and then the investments in the bio based economy will follow.

Twinnovates’ Value Chain Approach

Twinnovate is involved in all layers of the value chain, from feedstock through technology untill the end market. We make connections and integrations throughout the value chain increasing the viability of business concepts and increase profitability. This makes the value chain approach of Twinnovate one of the unique instruments on the market.



Twinnovate furthermore works on developing sustainable value chains that are socially, environmentally and economically sound. We are convinced that sharing fairly between chain actors results in win-win situation as well as in a stronger and more sustainable value chain and lasting relationships. Most of all, together these chains will develop new industries in a much faster pace.

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