About the Company

Twinnovate origin comes from 2003, when the twin brothers John & Arjen started with their first business venture. Since than both have worked with projects involving a wide range of technologies from Biomass, Waste treatment, trading of bio based commodities to IP development.


Twinnovate is furthermore involved and supports several research and development programs of other start-up technologies, such as Biomass pre-treatment and new crops for biomass purpose.


Twinnovate is committed to develop a broad based renewable energy business around the World. Twinnovate is also keen to use its environmental and risk management expertise to build and develop success in both current and emerging technologies.


Twinnovate is determine to improve the usability of nature’s recourses by partnering with inventors, investors, lawmakers and believers making concepts into feasible business propositions.


Our vision is to conduct business driven by the believe that the proper use of nature’s recourses will increase our way of live and show respect to mother earth. This believe and respect should even reflect in all our partnerships we commit ourselves to.


Our passion for the market, the products and the concepts we are working with within Twinnovate are a few of the key reasons why we find partners on the global market.


For us a partnership is dynamic, innovative and we need the have the feeling that we can contribute to it.

We always would search for partnerships where we can work with the same motivation and passion towards common goals.


If you want to partner with Twinnovate than please contact us and let’s schedule time to share our believes and business values.