Project Development

Bringing together demand and solutions is the core business of Twinnovate. Identifying, developing and the construction of projects, mainly in the market of sustainable applications, is where we excel.


We are always on the lookout for new initiatives and technologies to build long-term partnerships.


With a long track record, a large contact network, solid business partners and collaborations all over the world, we offer our customers a partner that can respond quickly and efficiently to the market opportunities. Twinnovate provides pathways from idea to full implementation of the business plan.


Our key Project Development activities:

  • Identification of the project
  • Offering preferred partners(ships) and
  • Looking for the best available technology
  • Apply or assist to required permits and subsidy
  • Assisting by or providing the required financing


Technology Leading is the technological development where Twinnovate supports several initiatives that will leading in the Bio Based industry in the long term. With the biomass value chain as a starting point, we are constantly seeking for the best available technology that creates added value for raw materials. Bio based and Circular Economy are concepts that have existed as values within the company for many years, as we mainly look at long-term solutions. We offer our partners support with financing, finding the right (market) parties, access to knowledge centers and support the entrepreneur in workload so that they can fully focus on the technological development.

Asset Management

In addition to project development, Twinnovate also provides asset management for your projects. Together with international and local partners we can operate your installation. Especially in projects where new technologies are used and/or which are purchased by financial institutions, this service has a great added value.

How do we work


One of the biggest elements within Project Development are those all-important soft skills to enable confident, clear and concise communication within the project teams, and between the project and the wider organization. Twinnovate defines the necessary activities to achieve the intended outputs, but it’s a secondary priority to see how this fits into the bigger picture. Working with Twinnovate involves the whole organisation and recourses to monitor/manage all the teams and activities (both within and outside the project) to keep the project heading in the right direction.


Stakeholder engagement

Defining escalation paths and intentionally managing project stakeholders is a vital part of any successful communication management strategy as well increases the success factor. Also within Twinnovate we are keen to set-up a clear project structure to define the key responsibilities in each project and includes escalating risks and issues up to the governance team, and communicating decisions back down involving all stakeholders.


Aligning the project with the business case

Our Project Development focus ensures that the business case is well defined and constantly revisits it to verify the project is heading in the right direction. Often there will be multiple delivery teams involved in a project requiring a higher level of planning and control, led by the Project Manager from Twinnovate with that holistic view.



Many projects aren’t planned properly. Every project need an overall project plan to ensure the right thing is delivered, in the right way and at the right time. To do this the Twinnovate Project Manager needs to coordinate roles, arrange meetings with senior stakeholders and understand projects and set goals – key criteria for any project.