Quality, availability and continuity of feedstock is crucial for the continuation of a project or technology. At Twinnovate we do understand the importance of the right feedstock for the right project and with more than 25 years of experience in the market, this is one of the key activities of Twinnovate.


Twinnovate works for technology providers and project owners by sourcing their feedstock. With our knowledge about raw materials and experience and contacts in the market we supply the necessary input for the client. As we see different opportunities within the biomass market, Twinnovate is also active in the production of biomass to fulfil not only the current but also, the future demands. We collaborate with various players in the market to strengthen our position and that of our partners.


Commodity trading

New applications, technologies and opportunities in the market also provide new end products. Whether these are Bio Based or substitute products for an existing market, the complexity of sales is known to us. Our contacts with governments and market parties make it possible to identify opportunities prior, during and after production creating a sales platform of the final product into the marketplace.



Waste is seen more and more as a raw material for the industry and the applicability increases. As a certified waste dealer, Twinnovate may act independently of suppliers. We can handle large waste streams to any location in the World and are even certified to handle hazardous waste.


VIHB certificaat